Showtime Training Group Full Assessment

Full Assessment With 2 Week Program

Program Details:

Showtime Training Group

Full Assessment With 2 Week Program:

Want to get started on your fitness journey, but don't know where to begin? Let us help! Our full assessments include flexibility tests, postural analysis as well as performance assessments. With this information, we are able to design a two week (6 programs) program to get you started on the right track! These programs are custom designed FOR YOU based off of your assessment findings! We will effectively get you started toward reaching your health and fitness goals and at the same time address and fix anything we found during your analysis that may be holding you back.

Some of the Benefits You Will Recieve:

• Custom design plans to meet your specific needs and to obtain your specific goals.

• Nutritional Guidance.

• Programs for any goal (fat loss, muscle gain, conditioning, bodybuilding).

• No gym membership needed